What is KINDRÊD?

KINDRÊD is a fun, social form of meditation powered by human connection. Developed by creativity / connection expert Jesh de Rox, KINDRÊD is designed to give you a fast and simple way to regulate your emotions and strengthen the relationship between your mind, body and spirit.

Why should I come to a KINDRÊD connective experience or creative retreat?

As powerful as KINDRÊD is in pairs, it’s supercharged when done in community. The energy of each participant flows into the whole like streams flow into rivers, making it far easier for you to access heightened states of awareness and joy.

KINDRÊD is an amazing space to clear your head, ease your heart, spike your creativity, press the reset button and explore into who you could be. It's designed to help you revive and reconnect with lost pieces of yourself, in a kind of personal reunion. 

You will leave KINDRÊD feeling light and free, inspired to make beautiful things in the world and ready to engage life with a deeper level of joy, meaning and purpose.  


Is KINDRÊD only for creatives?

Creativity is at the root of all human experience, so if you are alive, KINDRÊD is for you. No matter what career path you're on or where you're at in your life, you will find KINDRÊD has a lot to offer.


What exactly happens at KINDRÊD?

Honestly, it’s one of those you-have-to-experience-it things. We could say KINDRÊD is a blend of engaging talks, creative exercises, sensory experiments, group adventures, beautiful spaces and lots of laughing, but that wouldn’t really do it justice.

All of the people and moments thread together, forming something exquisite and beautiful that must be witnessed to be understood. Many attendees have life-changing epiphanies, gain clarity on tough choices, feel inspired to pursue forgotten dreams and find their best friends. We highly recommend you come see for yourself. 


I'm not into woo-woo. Is KINDRÊD woo-woo?

KINDRÊD has a 100% no-bullshit policy. What we explore is definitely outside of common culture but solely for the purpose of experiencing practical, tangible benefits. These include but are not limited to: increases in joy, creative problem-solving and quality of life. We've had enough people enter as skeptics and leave blown-away that we’re confident if you're even just a little bit open, you will find a lot of benefit here.    


Is food & accommodation included?

Travel to and from the workshop is solely the responsibility of the attendees. Food and family-style accommodation are often offered during 3-day retreats, depending on the location. These spaces are sometimes limited, so if you are interested in staying at the location, please be sure to register your interest as soon as you book. 


Where do I find details of the retreats?

After you sign up, you will be added to a private Facebook group containing all the relevant detail information.


When are you coming to my city / country?

We list current experience dates and locations here. If none of the locations are within your reach, contact us and ask about how to become a host and help us organize an experience near you.


If my situation changes, what is your refund policy?

Due to the intimate size of the groups, every participant represents a significant percentage of the whole, and takes the place of someone else who could have attended. For this reason, we can offer transfers (within one year) but are not able to refund for any reason. This means you can pass your attendance to someone else, or come to another event that works better for you.


Any other questions?

Write us! We'd love to hear from you :)