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The question that changed everything...


Traveling the world, working as a photographer in my twenties, I had the privilege of witnessing many thousands of the most vulnerable and beautiful moments of human life. I became intimately familiar with something that’s so common to our human experience it’s nearly invisible: every feeling we’ve ever felt - from the most glorious to the most terrible - is generated by our own mind.

Yes, things happen to us, but it’s an instrument in our own brain that chooses how to interpret and respond, creating the feeling. I began to ask a question that would change the course of my life: Is it possible to gain conscious control of that instrument, and if so, is it possible to make a beautiful moment on purpose? 

Turns out, it is. 

I’ve spent the last decade of my life creating a powerful set of practices that strengthen awareness of the way the mind and body work together to create your life experience. It’s called SUPERFEEL. I can’t wait to show you what I found. 


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A place to open.

Imagine being able to access heightened states of wonder, connection and joy at will, massively increasing your ability to move gracefully through challenge, creatively problem solve and draw upon the power of those around you to help you.  

Superfeel is a creative retreat held in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. A unique blend of experiential science, practical spirituality and laugh-out-loud humor, Superfeel is specially designed to open your connection with mind & body, strengthening access to a wide array of latent and powerful human abilities you've carried with you since birth. 

A place to heal.

Imagine being able to take a deep breath and finally let go. Vulnerability. Connection. Self-care. Thanks to visionaries like Dr. Brene Brown these have become buzzwords over the past few years. But as important as it is to have them in our language, they don’t gain power to affect us until we bring them in to our day-to-day lives.

Years of dealing with heartbreak and the constant pressure of survival leave many people tied in exhausting emotional knots, feeling weary and disconnected from themselves and those around them. Superfeel is a safe and exhilarating space designed to help you heal from unhealthy patterns, break generational cycles and reclaim your personal power.

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A place to connect.

Imagine being surrounded by brilliant, compassionate creative minds who get you. Superfeel is designed to provide the perfect space to connect with an amazing group of like-minded kindred spirits who are there to listen, share and cheer you on. If you're looking for new members of your tribe, you'll find them waiting for you here. 

SUPERFEEL: Australia


About Jesh de Rox. 


Jesh is fascinated with humans. He is dedicated to raising quality of life for as many people as possible (and having so much fun doing it). His acclaimed work in the creative arts gained him an international reputation as an expert on connection and gave him a unique insight into the wonder of the human experience. He has personally trained thousands of creatives around the planet including industry-leading photographers, Emmy-award winning film-makers and Grammy-award winning musicians.  

His work has been featured in: